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Jovius 01/04/13

We would like your attention again because we are quite chatty..

This is due to the fact that the vibrations have begun to rise ever so slightly and we have more room to grow.  It is evident that those of you communing with the spirits of evolution are placing a great amount of energy on the healing of the societies which seem to be in a conundrum.  It seems that many and more likely most of you are looking at this and saying "how did we get here?"  Well, we are telling and have been telling you that all it will take is a bit more of what you have to offer to just tip all this craziness over.  Use your hearts.  Let the explosions be about the love and the compassion that we know has a gazillion times more power and movement than any other expression.  Come on.  Show us what you've got.  You are the light workers.  You are the love you are the answer and enough is enough.  Let it loose.  And we do so love you. 

We do so support you, as well for you are all that is..




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