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Jovius 02/06/13

There is more turbulence afoot..

There will be a short time of massive confusion brought about by men with ugly arrangements of power and deceit.  It is during this time that those who have lead with their hearts will see the true power of that which can bring about real change.  It is with the hearts of millions that this energy has built up to the place of empowered change.  It is now that this energy emerges upon the doubt and fear.  It will transcend the old stuck order of the masculine divide.  We will no longer be held down by the forces of separation.  We are one.  Understand that this chaos and confusion will be brief.  It will affect those who have not the energies to move forward.  You could have some minor discomfort as things implode on those who have no reference to that which is loving.  You will see the light at the end of the tunnel and know the truth of your love.  Step aside and hold your sights on the new loving order of humankind. 

And we do thank you..




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