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Jovius 03/11/14


Find ways to be happy..

We will tell you now that as you create, increasingly realize that you bring about more fun and more change when you are happy.  When you are not so happy, do whatever it takes to get back to the happiness.  It really is just that simple.  In your human bodies, however, it doesn't always feel that simple.  When you are down a bit and what seems like the rest of the world is not, it can be kind of crappy.  Allow the rest of the world to pull you along.  Itís OK to readjust and flow along with those who are in a better place.  Allow those who love and care for you to be supportive.  They cannot do it for you, but they can certainly share their love with you and that, darling ones, will bring you back up. 

And we do love you!!



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