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Jovius 03/21/13

Each and everyone in your path is there to share who you really are..

They bring up aspects of you so you can get to know yourself better.  Those whom you despise as well as those whom you worship all have something in common for you.  They are all sides of you.  Take this all in and observe yourself when those feelings well up inside, whether they be emotions you want to feel or those emotions you want to shut down.  You do not have to act them out, simply observe them and on some level allow yourself to feel them for they are educating you about yourself.  You are love and you are beautiful.  You are also shades of many emotions you do not want to own, but you are human.  Accept all parts of you and grow the ones you like the most.  Better is always better.  Be the better you once you meet her and can own her. 

And we do thank you..




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