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Jovius 03/29/13

Sometimes it seems to take a really long time to reach your goals..

Then, when you look back, you were inching closer and closer slowly and by the time you experienced something you had asked for, it wasn't as profound as you expected.  It came and went and was comfortable and you enjoyed it, but not so much that it was remarkable.  Thatís because we are forever unfolding.  As we grow in our conscious awareness, something that seemed so far away becomes part of who you are and more transparent, it isn't such a big deal.  Look at all your wants that way.  Take one at a time and know they are coming to you in that way.  Slowly, and maybe not so slowly, but coming regardless and unfolding in a way that is just right for you. 

And you are so worthy of what you want.  Many of you get so busy or in your heads that you do not "hear" your intuition which comes from inside to guide you.  You ask and you are not hearing.  Ask again.  Ask and ask and remember to allow the information to come.  For that information is right there for you.  Trust that when the knowing comes, you will recognize it. 

And we do thank you..




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