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Jovius 04/26/13

There seems to be much about fear lately..

Those of you who are having difficulty lining up with your own self-worth are exuding this angst and actually pushing away your own sense of self-worth.  This angst can be translated as feelings of not good enough when you do not have an understanding of what it is all about.  Whatever you are being confronted with at the time somehow comes across as your own failings when these tests of the Universe are actually the callings of your own desires.  These mini challenges, which are sometimes maxi according to your vantage point, are the Universe nudging you along and for you to have ample opportunity to experience your own successes. 

Consider the fact that when you rise to the occasion instead of collapsing under the experience, you have taken yourself to a new level.  For you truly are the creator.  You are the love you have expressed.  And you are a valued part of this grand intelligence. 

Take part today with great confidence for you are worth it..





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