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Jovius 05/10/13


Change can be so disturbing to so many in a human body..

It creates a disruption and many of you do not choose to create change due to this disruption.  We would like to point out that it is change that keeps you constant.  It keeps you learning, creating, recreating and challenging your being.  It is these very challenges that keep you focused and keep you constant.  By this we mean, if you never had to change anything, you would have no point of reference.  You would never know what you like, what you don't like and you would not know how powerful you are.  You would be like a tree.  Now we love trees, but you are not one among the forest, you are a human creator.  You are here for a very different reason.  Accept your humanness and know that you are very capable of the constant unfolding of this incarnation. 

And we do so love you..




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