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Jovius 07/01/11



You are here to work through this energy..


All the while you intend for no drama and stay committed to that intention, the drama seems to follow you around anyway. When you aren't experiencing it, you can easily end up dwelling on that which is in your past. We say you have created drama for yourself to learn in this physical place of endurance. For some of you require more drama than others. Regardless of how much, or why, you are here to work through this energy. It is purposeful that you have created it and it is important to work through it.

These times have bubbled up some discomfort in you and brought to a head relationships that are asking to be reconciled. It is time to complete the karma with such individuals and these energetic, karmic relationships. As you work your way through these mazes, recognize that creating boundaries and reconciling your levels of integration with those you have had issues with, is of the highest integrity. It is the powerful soul feeding energy of the light, the love and the divine feminine. Your planet is a great part of this drama. Complete with those you encounter on your path and you complete with her. It is just that simple. It is just that powerful and it is just that interconnected.

It is your time to hear these words and we thank you..




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