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Jovius 07/02/11



You are bodies of light as we have expressed so many times.


Those bodies of yours are vibrational physical light bodies. You are here to express yourselves with your light and your love. We would like you to understand when you choose to use your light, you change vibration, from when you act out of your ego. There is a forceful difference. Knowing you have a choice is huge. It allows you to behave in the manner you want to feel in your future. It is important to understand what you do, think and say, from a different frequency, affects all that is. You will see/experience it in your immediate future.


Allow yourselves the choice of your heart. Use your light. Picture that light emoting from you with every breath, every word, every thought. Love those you might have thought you could not tolerate. This is powerful. You don't have to become friends, but you can be friendly. You can look at them and choose to make your world more bearable. It does not mean giving up or giving in; it is creating a boundary with love. It is saying here I am. I choose to have better thoughts. I am more than the energies we have experienced in the past. I am in my own power and can respect you in yours. The whole frequency changes and the vibration is much healthier for you, them and your planet. Take your planet back. Allow her to heal. Start with your love. Shine your lights.


And thank you..




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