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Jovius 07/03/11



Looking to worship someone/thing is all about control..

Anyone choosing to look to someone/thing else is choosing separateness. The ability to have peace within you has nothing to do with the forces of control and manipulation. There are those who are open to joining those here on this planet to share their knowledge and experiences. It is up to you to adjust yourselves to that vibration of the co-creativity of those who have chosen to join in the nourishing of your planet. It is so that there are many who are of the light and will recognize those who are here to assist. It is up to you as individuals to choose the love and the expansion of your light. Evolving to the vibration of the love and the light that is healing and communal at this time, is a dance. You will know. You always know when it is time. Be assured that it is now.

You are here for this purpose and we do love you so..




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