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Jovius 07/17/11

Examine your motives as you walk your path..

Taking personal responsibility includes knowing what your true motives are as you walk your walk. It is also important to be walking your talk. Own your own stuff so you can walk it or unclutter yourself. Letting go, as we have mentioned before can give you the clarity you are seeking. As long as you drag along unwanted ideas and beliefs, you are cluttered with debris that doesn't belong to you. If you have these beliefs, own them and choose to empower yourselves with these beliefs. Know what you know and enable yourselves to live your life with your truths. If you do, however, have a belief system that is taking you down, examine your mind chatter. Look closely and listen to yourself in order to know what has to go. Use your heart. You will know and it is OK to let go of ideas that used to serve you. And it's really OK to let go of ideas that never served you. You know the difference.

Or at least your heart does..




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