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Jovius 08/14/12

Change is inevitable..

What happens in the human/physical space is far more about how you handle those changes than the actual changes themselves. It's about the journey. You know -- you've heard it all before. Some days you look at everything that appears to be wrong. And some days, you see everything that appears to be right with the world. The days you are focused on what wrongs are out there, are the days you can reevaluate for yourself. Allow yourself to experience those days. Set aside the downward spiraling mind chatter and simply observe. Be with those impressions and why you feel they, or you, are wrong or negative. Allow those feelings and thoughts to flow on. None of it has to be attached to you at all. You are not this. You have a dark side like all in body to discover. It isn't wrong, it just is. It is part of who you are, but it is not all of who you are. Take your time to look and discover this part of you and allow the love process to soften whatever it is that comes with discomfort.

Remember that you are perfect beings and we do so love you..




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