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Jovius 09/03/11



Giving from your soul is powerful and one of the highest forms of love..


It is the kind of love that truly conquers all. When you are in this place of giving, you know no enemies. You can easily love all. Forgiveness gets you to that place. If you are in another place, allow those who are in their hearts to give to you. Allow the love and soon yours will flow too.


Change not our words. And thank you..



[I left their “instructions” in this time, so you could have a little glimpse of the things you don’t ordinarily see. I rarely get this instruction anymore and it means that the vibration of the words (and the order) is as important, or even more so, than the words themselves. Years ago I would occasionally almost miss getting a message scheduled because I had asked Karla to make sure it was OK for me to use a different word, or add some punctuation, or whatever. Finally they said, “Stop asking permission about every little change! Your soul is part of us, as is Karla’s and your heart already knows the answer.” This alone has made it much easier for all of us! :) PS Thank you SO much for all the Reiki, well wishes, remote healing, etc.! I’m doing extremely well! My once 7 inch incision has now shrunk down to less than 4 and my leg symptoms of numbness, feeling on fire and even losing control of my foot have been gone since I woke up in recovery. I’m allowed to sit, stand, walk (even up and down stairs) and will be able to drive to my first post op doc visit this Thursday. We have used many alternative methods and along with the help from so many of you, I expect the doctor to be shocked at my pace of healing. And thank you!!]




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