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Jovius 09/27/12

The sexes seem to be battling it out, as usual, on planet earth..

What nonsense it seems for us to observe although we do understand that you are where you are with this. Now we do speak up to tell you that once you choose to really look deeply into what it is that keeps you so far apart, you will see that it is the same thing that keeps you so close, as well. In redefining your boundaries, it is prudent to participate in their role defining episode on earth by using the caliper of the heart. Now, we do mean the heart as in compassion, forgiveness, love and all that comes with the essential heart felt emotions. We do say that once you choose to honor one another and allow this shift of the divine feminine, you will experience the culmination of the millenniums of truth bearing love unlike a love you have experienced ever in your thousand lives. This is a time to cherish. This is a time to recognize the truths for this is why you have returned at this time. We do so support you, your efforts and your capacity to love.

Thank you so much..




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