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Jovius 10/29/11



In your reality, it can be very easy to ignore the heart..


This is due to many, many distractions and the practice of learning very young not to listen to that what comes from within. We would like to point out that the denial in your whole society begins with just that step back in human development. Ignoring that which you know is true from your heart begins the downward slide into the abyss, of the developmental control by religious organizations and those that are politically affiliated. You can listen to us or choose to ignore. We are fine with what you do for you have to find it within your own heart. Even we might be expressing information that might not resonate with you in particular. In that case, we say follow your truths. We encourage you to do so for what we say and what we represent is the empowerment of yourselves as individuals so you can add to the all that is. We do thank you as we are so grateful. Allow the opening of your heart.


We do ask this of you and see that there is so much more when you are in love with you..




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