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Jovius 11/27/11



In order to stay true to yourself, it is important to honor every part of yourself..


This includes feelings and ideas that are uncomfortable for you to realize exist within you. Recognizing that human emotions and conflicts, that may occur due to being in a human body are all part of the ever evolving you. As you continue on your divinely guided journey, coming to terms with what comes up to be healed is the whole reason why you chose to be here. Not only chose to be here, but be here now. Coming to grips with what you have to heal is so very important to your growth and vibrational ascension. Yes, you are here to ascend. Not disappear into the ethers, simply ascend in your journey of truth, honesty and integrity. We do so enjoy you. We do so love you and thank you. Thank you for your gifts of love and empowerment.


We are grateful..




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